5 maggio 2022

We believe that listening, and creating, is for everyone—but it doesn’t stop there. Part of our mission to democratize audio means giving every creator a chance to be seen and heard, too. That’s why we’re opening an editorial submission form for our U.S. podcasting community to apply to. Each applicant will be considered for editorial features aiming to highlight a wide range of formats (including video podcasts), backgrounds, and experience levels. 

You might be asking, what could this mean for me? Simply put, an editorial feature earns you a coveted spot as one of Spotify's featured podcasts across one of our community destinations or in our New Releases section. Lots of people even discover their new favorite shows this way. 

We love voices of all kinds, of all genres, and of any length—so keep on reading for submission details! 

Submission guidelines:

  • We are committed to making sure all content follows the Spotify Platform Rules, as outlined here.
  • You’ll need to include a Spotify link, so your podcast must be available on Spotify, in the U.S.
  • Only submit the same podcast once a month and only re-submit if you have at least 2 new episodes in your feed. We look at every submission. 
  • All genres, lengths, and formats (including video) are welcome.
  • You should provide a show description.
  • At this time we are only accepting submissions for non-subscription and/or free content.
  • Editorial placement is at the discretion of the editorial team. 
  • If your podcast is featured, feel free to share on social media and tag @spotifypodcasts, @forpodcasters, and @anchor

If you are featured, we may not be able to let you know individually. Below are some of the pages to check for your podcast. Click each listed page to view them on your mobile app, or search the page name to locate them anywhere you get Spotify.

Uplifting diverse podcast voices is important to the future of audio, so give us the opportunity to uplift yours. Submit to our editorial submission form today. 

Submit now

Please note that we cannot guarantee placement for any submission. Curation is solely at the discretion of Spotify.