Video Podcasts on Spotify
March 21, 2019

Track your podcast performance on the go with Anchor’s brand new mobile analytics

Available now in our free app for iOS and Android.

Last week, we announced a huge update to Anchor’s desktop analytics — bringing you a fresh new look, as well as a bunch of informative new charts, like your listeners’ geographic location and a better way to see what apps people are using to listen. We also introduced Estimated Audience Size, the best way to figure out your podcast’s current reach since listening platforms don’t surface your subscriber counts.

The response has been super positive (if you haven’t checked out these new analytics yet for your own podcast, you should). By far the biggest feature request we’ve gotten since then is the ability to see these analytics on the go through the Anchor app. Which is why we are so pleased to announce that as of today, you can do exactly that!

How it works: 1. Sign up. To get started, let us know you're interested by answering a few questions. 2. Upload on Anchor. Once approved, click 'New episode' and 'Quick upload' to add a video file. 3. View on Spotify. Once it's published, your video episode will live directly in your Spotify catalog.

Access your estimated audience size, plays over time, top episodes, and geographic location of your listeners right from the native Anchor app — and there’s also a handy shortcut to get to the mobile web view of our full analytics offering in your dashboard. We can’t wait for you to try out these intuitive, informative stats yourself!

Want to learn more about our redesigned analytics dashboard on web? Head over to our
recent blog post to read all about it.

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